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Taizhong – September 2
Kaohsiung – September 9
Taipei – September 24

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Through music, composers have been able to connect with the seven human emotions and six desires. Of all the emotions, I believe the most seductive and touching is “Love”. The fate of a Love may be extremely fruitful or prove barren. Love may sneak up on you and make you feel wonderful, passionate, but to what avail? How true is happily ever after? Some may well find happiness and some, only sadness. As there are no set rules, Love cannot be learned nor controlled. Everyone none the less must traverse his/her own complex path in anticipation. Without Love, life may seem meaningless. But with love, life may be hot or cold. Like a roller coaster, Love may take you to the point of bliss or unbearableness. Love can be heaven or hell. Like the power of water, it may lift all boats or it may capsize indiscriminately. How does one find the perfect balance of rational, emotional, and passionate Love? Love is truly one of life’s most difficult emotions. And because of this complexity, literature, art, and music throughout the ages, have used Love as a muse; as Love is the most inspirational and charm of all time.

“Amore” by Pianist Chia-Hui Lu, comes as a sequel to her first album, “Enchanted”. With “Amore”, Chia-Hui continues her fanciful romance with her 88 keys focusing on love and dreams. Starting with Chopin four Ballades, it opens with unbounded imagination. This is followed by a dreamy introspective piece by Liszt, “Liebesträume” No.3, and then a tragic classic, “Romeo and Juliet”, by Tchaikovsky. Chia-Hui finishes “Amore” with her new composition, “Butterfly Orchid”, a piece reflecting deep devotion to love. “Amore” is a cross art production in cooperation with modern artists that pushes the limits of the senses by combining abstract music with surreal multi-media visual art to create a new innovative experience. Through the production of “Amore”, Chia-Hui has elegantly united the seven human emotions of Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Fear, Love, Hate, and Affection to create a dramatically diverse program of music and performing art.


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