Enchanted Album

Enchanted – Piano Album

September 25, 2013

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About “Enchanted”

Piano is my castle and Music my religion.  Since the day I was born, my life has been surrounded by music.  As a child, I recall the numerous times I stayed under my piano, reading, playing, and dreaming.  To me, the piano is my best friend.  It was the outlet from which I can express my most inner emotions.  Through my piano, I can find myself.  And through music, I felt complete.

Piano playing requires deep concentration and energy.  And I found that without a strong healthy body, it was difficult to reach my desired level of aptitude.  The Japanese Novelist, Murakame Haruki, understood the importance of fitness and ran everyday.  Though I enjoy swimming and scuba diving, these activities proved impractical in Taipei city.  But by chance, I found an exercise that was true to my nature and can really get my cardio up, “Dance”.

As a musician, I thought dancing would be easy because I can quickly find the beat.  But I found my dance to be amusingly awkward.  But with persistence, I grew more in tune with my body.  With dance, I felt my heart beat once again and I began to notice the confidence in my walk, in my posture, and in the way I play the piano.  My rhythm and senses grew sharper and my performances more exhilarating.

With “Enchanted”, I hope to express in my music, the inspiration that dance had brought to me.  In this album, I have included my first recorded transcription, which I interpret as bold and brilliant.  I also invited composer Che-Yi Lee to create three computer arrangements for dances.  I look forward to sharing this new phase of my work with you.


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